Kormo Jobs App | Jobs app in India to help people find jobs

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Kormo Jobs App Google on Wednesday announced that it has launched a separate app for job seekers in India called the Kormo Jobs app. The search giant aims to provide jobs to thousands of people who have lost their jobs during the coronavirus and young professionals who are looking for jobs. The platform launched by Google aims at providing entry-level jobs.

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Kormo Jobs App

Google had launched Kormo Jobs in Bangladesh in 2018 and then in Indonesia. Announcing the same in India, Google in its blog post said, “Encouraged by this momentum and to lend support to employment efforts in a post-pandemic world, we are bringing our Kormo Jobs Android app to India to help even more job seekers discover and apply for jobs across India with an additional gateway.”

Google in its blog revealed that ever since the platform was launched companies like Zomato and Dunzo had posted over 2 million jobs on the platform. The search giant has made the Kormo app available for Andriod users and it can be downloaded from Play Store. Google also said that it will rebrand the Jobs Spot on Google Pay to Kormo Jobs.

About Kormo Jobs App 

“Employers use the Kormo Jobs app to hire job seekers. It only takes a few minutes to set up your basic profile and get a beautiful digital CV that you can share, print, or apply directly to jobs listed on the app. If you take the time to fill out your background, experiences, and interests then we’ll match you for relevant jobs – let employers come to you! The more you use the Kormo Jobs app, the better it gets at knowing your expertise, interests, and skills. Along the way we’ll recommend areas for you to grow, and give you the tools to do so, to upgrade your career and unlock the next great opportunity,” the app description on Google Play store read.

Kormo Jobs App

Find work and build your career with Google’s Kormo Jobs app.

With over 2.7M+ jobs posted, Kormo Jobs is the simple, trusted, and stress-free way to find work and build your career.

Kormo Jobs App Details

Find your next job in 3 easy steps:
1) Discover jobs nearby: Immediately find verified jobs based on job categories and locations that are most relevant to you.
2) Complete your profile: Receive personalized job recommendations based on your skills and work history.
3) Apply to jobs: Easily submit your application and stay informed with helpful updates from employers.

Once you sign up, you have free unlimited access to:
– Entry-level jobs from verified employers
– Fresh job posts that have been tailored to you
– Easy application process with guided support
– Real-time tracking & fast updates on job applications

Kormo Jobs specializes in Retail, Logistics, IT & Admin Services, and Hotels & Hospitality and offers jobs such as retail sales associate, delivery and warehouse operations, and customer service representative.

Download Google Kormo JOB App

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