SDP Baseline Assessment Format – Download Excel Format

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SDP Baseline Assessment Format : Starting school used to be about settling in, making new friends and learning to be independent. Then ‘Reception tests’, due to take place within weeks of walking through the school doors, were announced. The Reception Baseline Assessment check will now be introduced in September 2021; we explain the latest developments.

SDP Baseline Assessment Format

Robust baseline assessments, including those used for diagnostic purposes, can provide a useful picture of what a child knows or can do at a certain point in time, as well as gaps in their learning. This information should be used to inform subsequent teaching and learning activities. Without good baseline assessment – a strong starting point – it is impossible to measure progress well: if you don’t know where someone started, knowing whether their end point represents ‘good progress’ or not is not feasible.

SDP Baseline Assessment Format

Clearly, if teachers are to use baseline assessment to inform their practice, they have to be able to trust the information derived from such testing. This is again where validity and reliability come into play.

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SDP Baseline Assessment Format

Baseline assessments should have a clearly-defined function in a school’s assessment schedule; decisions about actions to be taken in light of the baseline data should be stated before testing, so that the tests selected are appropriate and fit-for-purpose.

There are several baseline assessments commercially available to schools and colleges with students aged 3 – 18. Alternatively, baseline assessments can be created by schools themselves – the focus of the next section. A baseline assessment provides information on the situation the campaign aims to change. It provides a critical reference point for assessing changes and impact, as it establishes a basis for comparing the situation before and after an intervention, and for making inferences as to the effectiveness of the campaign.

Baseline assessments should be conducted before the actual campaign intervention starts so as to serve as a benchmark for examining what change is triggered by the intervention. A baseline assessment is a crucial element in formative campaign research and planning, and in any monitoring and evaluation framework.

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The instrument for collecting baseline data and the method used by teachers to find out a pupil’s learning needs, their natural ability, and potential. Tests are given to pupils across an entire year group to establish where each pupil is in relation to a national and institutional norm. The purpose of baseline assessment is to establish a point from which future measurements and predictions can be calculated.

SDP Baseline Assessment Format

The assessments are not standardized, and different formats may be used in different schools. These tests, such as Cognitive Abilities Tests, are used to generate a predicted or expected level of achievement for future performance, for example at General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) level. They can also function to highlight specific issues such as whether a pupil should be placed on the gifted and talented register, or whether they are underachieving in relation to their potential.

Teachers can use baseline data to plan effectively for each pupil’s learning needs and, for this reason, baseline assessments are usually carried out throughout a pupil’s schooling, often starting within six weeks of their entering full‐time education. Baseline assessment can also be used on a whole‐school level to measure the quality of education which the school is providing, by comparing a pupil’s performance with their baseline assessment.

SDP Baseline Assessment Format

The results of baseline assessments are formally registered. The baseline data that are generated form part of each pupil’s school records. Subsequent data are then added to this, such as the results of Standard Tasks and GCSE results. Baselines should be both reliable and valid to enable statistical validity.

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