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Social Science GK PDF : Social science is the branch of science devoted to the study of societies and the relationships among individuals within those societies. The term was formerly used to refer to the field of sociology, the original “science of society”, established in the 19th century. In addition to sociology, it now encompasses a wide array of academic disciplines, including anthropology, archaeology, economics, human geography, linguistics, management science, political science, psychology, and history. (For a more detailed list of sub-disciplines within the social science see: Outline of social science.)

Social Science GK PDF

Positivist social scientists use methods resembling those of the natural sciences as tools for understanding society, and so define science in its stricter modern sense. Interpretivist social scientists, by contrast, may use social critique or symbolic interpretation rather than constructing empirically falsifiable theories, and thus treat science in its broader sense.

Social Science GK PDF

In modern academic practice, researchers are often eclectic, using multiple methodologies (for instance, by combining both quantitative and qualitative research). The term “social research” has also acquired a degree of autonomy as practitioners from various disciplines share the same aims and methods.

Welcome to General Science most likely asked in competitive exams like HSSC, HSSC Clerk, SSC, SSC CGL, SSC MTS, BANK PO, BANK CLERK, Haryana Police, Delhi Police, Railway, RRB JE, RRB NTPC etc. we share Social Science GK Questions with Answers in Gujarati PDF. This General Science is one of the important section in all competitive exams.

આ પણ જુવો : શિક્ષક સજ્જતા સર્વેક્ષણ માટેનું સાહિત્ય ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Social Science GK PDF

General Science is a very important part of SSC, UPSC, Bank, Railway, Police etc. different competitive exams so SSC NOTES PDF today we share Social Science GK Questions with Answers in Gujarati PDF. We also cover Basic Topics on our web portal like Mathematics, History, Geography, Polity, Arts and Culture, Current Affairs, Handwritten Notes, Typewritten Notes, SSC CGL Study Material, Railway exam Notes etc.

Here you will find a list of common important questions on social studies / social science in MCQ quiz style with answer for competitive exams and interviews. These frequently asked sample questions on Social Science are given with correct choice of answer that you can check instantly. Presently we have added total 7 sets of questions on social studies / social science for you to practice. We will keep adding more questions and provide this question bank in PDF format, so that you can download them instantly in E-book style.

Social Science GK PDF

History also includes the academic discipline which uses narrative to describe, examine, question, and analyze past events, and investigate their patterns of cause and effect. Historians often debate which narrative best explains an event, as well as the significance of different causes and effects. Historians also debate the nature of history as an end in itself, as well as its usefulness to give perspective on the problems of the present.

History is the study of the past. Events before the invention of writing systems are considered prehistory. “History” is an umbrella term comprising past events as well as the memory, discovery, collection, organization, presentation, and interpretation of these events. Historians seek knowledge of the past using historical sources such as written documents, oral accounts, art and material artifacts, and ecological markers.

Social Science GK PDF

Here we are giving a set of Important questions with answer on Social Science / Social Studies. These Social Science questions answers will be helpful for upper primary TET, CTET and all State TETs. These questions will also be useful in other government competitive examinations too.

Social science GK questions with answers in Gujarati general knowledge trivia quiz printable is here.  In this social science GK questions with answers in Gujarati, a reader will find varied aspects of free learning with a lot of fun. Social science GK questions with answers in Gujarati are important and cover many areas so that our reader won’t feel a bit of tiredness while solving.

{ બ્લોગર મિત્રોને નમ્ર વિનંતી કે આ પોસ્ટ ડાયરેક્ટ શેર ન કરતા બેક લિંક આપી શેર કરશો. આભાર અને સહકારની અપેક્ષા સહ }

ધો. 6 થી 8 સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાનના 240 પ્રશ્નોની PDF માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

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