STD 3 to 8 Sva Adhyayan Pothi | Download All Subject Books PDF

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STD 3 to 8 Sva Adhyayan Pothi : GCERT Workbook cum Practice Material for Classes 1- 8 of all subjects Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Environment Studies, have been prepared keeping in mind the guidelines laid down by the GCERT and in accordance with the NCF Curriculum Framework 2005.

Thus, the content of the series is structured to provide a set of learning activities that become effective assessment tools, that have been collated as components of these books. The text has also been graded keeping in mind self-assessment opportunities for the learners, thereby enhancing the utility of the workbook. The teaching outcomes of this series is therefore geared towards developing the overall mathematical skills of logical reasoning, abstract thinking, interrelating concepts, among others.

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STD 3 to 8 Sva Adhyayan Pothi

In the larger context, while in the process of being a tool of mathematical applications, it adopts multi-pronged approach of evaluation, as its contents provide the learner with the ability to synthesize the given material before stepping ahead to analyze it. Thereafter, the learner is guided into the realm of conceptual learning after due analysis and synthesis so that his/her learning peaks into the wider domain of mathematical utility, and an enlargement of overall knowledge. The life skill activities appended to each chapter take the learner into a wider dimension of thought, involving reflection and appreciation.

STD 3 to 8 Sva Adhyayan Pothi

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GCERT publishes textbooks for the students of the sixth standard that includes the subjects of English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Sanskrit. Separate textbooks for the subjects of Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Languages are published owing to the depth of the knowledge imparted to the young learners at this stage. The aim of the curriculum is to set out the foundation for higher secondary education right from a young age so that students can distinguish between their areas of interest. However, without a guide, it may at times be difficult for the students to fully pursue their studies and achieve greater success in academics at this level.

STD 3 to 8 Sva Adhyayan Pothi

The direct download links of GCERT Solutions for Class 6 to 8 for all of the subjects of the GCERT curriculum are provided here on this page. Download the solutions for all chapters of all subjects of the GCERT curriculum for Class 6 and start using them to enhance the outcomes of everyday study efforts.

For those who are aware of the content of the GCERT Class 6 textbooks, the depth of knowledge is higher compared to the previous standards. This is because of the segregation of the subjects of arts, maths, science in different textbooks. The segregation helps students distinguish between their areas of interest and also helps the educators to focus on one topic at a time and impart in-depth knowledge to the student.

The curriculum of the standard six holds crucial importance in developing the interest of the students in what they are studying and building the fundamental knowledge of theoretical science and associated subjects. In due course of time, when the student has reached the higher secondary levels, the understanding of the basics will serve the same purpose as the knowledge of the alphabets serve in learning a language.

STD 3 to 8 Sva Adhyayan Pothi

GCERT Solutions for Class 6 to 8 for all subjects consist of the correct answers to the exercises, activities and questions that can be found at the end of every chapter. These questions, tasks and activities are included in the text books by GCERT to allow the students to indulge into exercising the knowledge that they gained through the chapter. For example, formulae learnt in a particular mathematics chapter can be implemented to solve numerical problems that are included at the end of the chapter. Similarly, in the language papers, application of the knowledge gained is tested through the exercises involved.

STD 3 to 8 Sva Adhyayan Pothi

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