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Parivar No Malo Salamat Ane Hufalo By GCERT

Friends, after the Diwali vacation, now that the new academic session has started, no one can call the children to school due to some reason, so the Gujarat government is sending daily educational videos through youtube through diksha application and through PDF so that children can study at home. The November 2020 schedule for this youtube video has also been announced by the government so you can get daily home wedding videos with the help of this.

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Parivar no malo Salamat ne Hufalo- This is a particularly important article. In this article you will find the Children All days Home Activity. Very important information has been provided under this program. This program by the Education Department of the state government is locked due to the outbreak of Corona virus. This program has been specially given by gcert Gandhinagar, official site is in the constant concern of the children to be closed down schools.

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Parivar No Malo Salamat Ane Hufalo By GCERT

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Parivar No Malo Salamat Ane Hufalo By GCERT

Hello friends, the new academic session has started from 8th June 2020 but due to the current Koro epidemic, children cannot be called to school so as not to spoil the academic work of the students. Based educational videos and educational lessons are broadcast on TV through Doordarshan Kendra DD Girnar Channel. Preschool & kindergarten educational game: matching, counting, colours & shapes

This game has is fun for adults as well as kids. It introduces a set of brain exercises for adults as well as kids! Let your child’s brilliance soar through kids brain trainer (preschool).
With kids brain trainer (preschool) your kid will be able to:
✔ match an image to its shadow.
✔ find the odd image in a collection of images.
✔ match images to its families.
✔ memory game; match cards.
Parivar No Malo Salamat Ane Hufalo By GCERT
Completely safe and designed for kids, this game proves to be the best kids game to help your child grow, learn, have fun, and even give parents some time off. With four fun, colorful and educational sections, kids brain trainer (preschool) has 144 games specifically designed to contribute to, exercise and develop your child’s motor and cognitive skills (such as visual attention, visual-spatial relations, short term memory, visual-motor coordination, bi-lateral coordination, tactile skills and much more).
Developed by a preschoolers father and a  child’s mental development specialist, kids brain trainer (preschool) aims to be as educational and beneficial as possible; and being fathers themselves, these developers know how important -and tricky- it can be to keep children interested while learning.
kids brain trainer (preschool) is updated at least twice a month with fun, new, graphics, puzzles and more to keep your little ones having fun! This highly educational app is not only designed for children 3+ (including special needs children), but also for any parents, teachers, or other professionals working in the field of child development.
This educational video has been started from 15th June 2020. Apart from this, classes have also been started for the students of Std. 9th to 12th. This educational video is being aired on DD Girnar Doordarshan. In addition, a video is also sent through a PDF every day.

Parivar No Malo Salamat Ane Hufalo By GCERT

The program also provides links to videos of various activities other than kindergarten. In which children can learn something new by watching this video and their own down time can be learned in this regard. Children sitting at home can learn new activities and through them learn various interesting information and by observing activities, children learn new ones so that the purpose of this program is achieved.
DIKSHA means Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing which is the National Teacher Platform, an initiative of the MHRD, and is accessible online at and through the DIKSHA android application and through the DIKSHA desktop application.
The facility is also provided for children who do not have mobile facility. Such children watch home learning videos on DD Girnar channel through tv. Special care is taken for each type of child. Every teacher is guided by calling the child on a daily basis. Adequate guidance is given about home learning.

Parivar No Malo Salamat Ane Hufalo By GCERT

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