Gujarat Mulki Seva Niayamo 2002 | Most Useful PDF For Teachers

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Gujarat Mulki Seva Niayamo 2002 : Gujarat Mulki Seva Niyamo 2002 PDF Nokri Ni Samany Sharato. Government Vividh Office and Tena Adhikaro/Karmchario Ne Niyamo Ni Aa Book Khub Upyogi Sabit Thahse.

Gujarat Mulki Seva Niayamo 2002

Gujarat Mulki Seva Adhi Niyamo 2002 its called gujrat Civil Services Rules 2002, Smaynya Sharato, Faraj Par Jodava Rukshad vagrem Salary, Pagar adharit bhaththa, Musafari Bhathatha Raja holidays Makan Ma vasvaat Pension and other, Additions to pay,  Pension Rules, Modified Pension Rules, General Conditions of Services, Joining Time, Foreign Service, Deputation Out of India, Payment durning Suspension, Leave, 5.1 Modified Leave Rules,  6. Pay, 7. Occupation of Government Residential Accommodation, 8. Travelling Allowance.

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Gujarat Mulki Seva Niayamo 2002

Gujarat Mulki Seva Niayamo 2002

Educational management refers to the administration  of the education system in which a group combines human and material resources to supervise, plan, strategise, and implement structures to execute an education system. Education is the equipping of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, habits, and attitudes with learning experiences.

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The Education system is an ecosystem of professionals in educational institutions, such as government ministries, unions, statutory boards, agencies, and schools. The education system consists of political heads, principals, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, administrative personnel and other educational professionals working together to enrich and enhance.At all levels of the educational ecosystem, management is required; management involves the planning, organising,  implementation review, evaluation, and integration of an institution.

Gujarat Mulki Seva Niayamo 2002

Carrying a responsibility of this kind is a state of mind and does not necessitate actions, though it typically and frequently does. In contrast, educational leadership is the act of influencing others in educational settings to achieve goals and necessitates actions of some kind. When those carrying a delegated responsibility act in relation to that responsibility, they influence and are therefore leading.

Although educational leadership is ideally undertaken responsibly, in practice it does not necessarily entail carrying the responsibility for the functioning of the educational system in which the influence is exercised. Through our analysis, the notion of responsibility, which is underplayed in considerations of organising in educational institutions, comes to the fore. Educational responsibility is an important notion and it should play a more prominent role in analyses of organising in educational institutions.

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Gujarat Mulki Seva Niayamo 2002

School management and school administration can be considered as pillars of success of education. On account of division of the then directorate of Education on office of Director of Education (Primary and Adult) has come into existence. Since 9-10-1976. Then on account of division of office of the director of Education (Primary and Adult) the office of the Director of Primary Education came into existence since 1-12-1986.

Gujarat Mulki Seva Niayamo 2002

The RtE Act lays down norms and standards which a new unaided school must fulfill for recognition. These norms prescribe minimum level of academic and physical infrastructure. If an existing school does not have the necessary infrastructure, it must provide it in three years to retain its recognition. The Committee was informed that there a large number of existing schools which will not be able to fulfill these norms due to physical and financial constraints. The Committee was of the view that closure of these schools will seriously disrupt education of hundreds of children.

The Committee has therefore recommended that if such schools are able to show that they provide good quality education then they should be allowed to continue. The Committee has drawn up minimum educational outcomes which such schools should continuously achieve and recommended that the academic evaluation should be done by independent educationists.

Gujarat Mulki Seva Niayamo 2002


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