Police Constable Running | Know What Time for Getting full Marks

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Police Constable Running These are great for the legs however you need to be careful if you have suffered previous hamstring injuries, seek medical advice if you are unsure as this may not be the best session for you. Find a hill that is safe to run on. If you want to prepare for the perimeter runs here find one that is about 300m with a slight gradual incline.

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After your warm up run hard up the hill, maintaining the same pace, so don’t run out too hard – you need to get to the top! Depending on your fitness walk or jog back down. Repeat this 6 times. As time goes by increase your repetitions. Again, for intensity you should be out of breath at the top and not be able to talk, if not, run harder. At the end cool yourself down with easy jogging and stretching.

Police Constable Running

These are just some basic examples of intense running sessions. Some of you already may have some of these that you do and that’s great if they are working for you. Those of you that have not put any intensity into your training and you are coming here in January you really need to start. We only have you for a short time and that is why we do this type of training as it gets results if done correctly.

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Police Constable Running

If you have not been doing any training with intensity you will struggle with the PT side of things when you get here and we don’t want to see that happen. These are intense sessions if done correctly. So you need to be pushing yourself as you run around the oval, don’t jump of the treadmill or stop and walk up the hill. If you set out to do the session than do it!! It is important that you recover after the session.

You don’t do more than one of these per week. So plan your week with one of these, a 30-40 minute fartlek run as per the previous note, one 60-70 minute long slow run and your strength sessions in between your running days.  If you do this you will enjoy PT here. Being fit when you leave here is a great positive way to the start of hopefully a long career with the Police Force.

Police Constable Running

Running not only improves your overall health but makes you fitter, so as a police officer you are able to do the job not only your fellow colleagues expect but your community expects as well.  Here are some tips on how to get started, so if you have never run before or just don’t know how to start here are some tips for you:

  1. Initially test yourself, time yourself and see how long you can run for without stopping. Use this as your guide and from where you can improve.
  2. The following week, increase your time by 5 minutes, so if in your test you ran for 10 minutes without stopping, this week run for 15 minutes. So run out for 7 and a half minutes, run back 7 and a half minutes, there is your 15 minute run. Next week make it 20, so run out and extra 2 and a half minutes so out for 10 minutes, back in 10 minutes, you are now up to 20 minutes. Continue increasing by 5 minutes each week.

Police Constable Running

  1. If you are new to running start with 2-3 runs per week. If you over do it you are not allowing your body time to recover and make the physical adaptations it needs to make with your increased running time. So if you are looking at starting at the Academy soon- start now, gaining fitness takes time, as we always say in PT you can not ‘cram’ in your fitness within weeks, you risk injury and your health.
  2. Some runs will feel harder than others, don’t let that put you off keep persevering and remember what your goal is – to be a fit police officer, so draw on that when you are struggling with your training
  3. Fuel & hydration – Carbohydrate and water. Before you go for a run ensure you have consumed plenty of water that day and the day before, not immediately before the run, you could get a stitch! Don’t run on empty either, an hour or so before your run have a piece of fruit, small bowl of cereal or a piece of toast. Then after your run have something with protein and carbohydrate, this assists your body in repairing itself and replacing the energy you expended during your run, ready for the next time you run! Milo with milk is perfect. You don’t need those expensive shakes in powdered form.

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Police Constable Running

Police Constable Running

  1. After each run write down how long you ran for. As you improve this can be very motivating and it keeps you honest!
  2. What pace? When you are starting out you want to run at ‘conversational’ pace. So if you were running with someone you would still be able to hold a conversation with them, without being too out of breath.

Once you have a strong running base, so you are running comfortably for up to 45 minutes, you can include some sessions with intensity where you include running faster and hill repeats. I will post some ideas for different sessions down the track once you have that strong running base.

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