Pragna Material – Most Useful Material For STD 1 and 2 Students


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Pragna Material : The Pragna Approach has been implemented in all the elementary schools of Gujarat. For the Pragna to educate the group based children. Activity-Based Learning is a type of teaching where children learn at their own pace through various supervised activities. It is a more interactive and engaging method of teaching children. It allows for monitoring factors such as coordination, speech, motor skills and social skills amongst other important factors.

Pragna Material

It is a fun approach to learning since it boosts the development of the brain in children by providing constant stimulus by prompting them to respond. Activity-based learning is achieved mainly in three ways which are, experimentation, expression, and exploration. Continue reading this article to read more about activity-based learning for kids and how activity-based learning helps students?

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Pragna Material

Activity-based learning is the process of learning by performing tasks or activities. As opposed to asking kids to simply listen and take notes, activity-based learning motivates students to participate in their own learning experience via practical activities such as independent investigation and problem-solving.

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  • Download Pragna Std 1 and Std 2 Study Materials Pdf from SSA website.
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Pragna Material

By encouraging kids to explore, experiment and learn independently through activity-based techniques, parents and teachers seek to equip children with skills in critical analysis, problem-solving, and creativity.

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Activity-based learning focuses on independent investigation and analysis. By asking kids to work on their own and/or in small groups, this teaching method encourages students to be independently inquisitive, think critically, and learn from their own experience. This self-directed learning process in turn supports their acquisition of knowledge outside (as well as inside) the educational environment.

Pragna Material

Activity-based learning encourages kids to take responsibility for their own learning experiences, working in groups also helps students develop social skills and teamwork. These skills will later prove important in their work and social life.

Kids don’t always understand the relevance of their course material by simply putting pen to paper. Activity-based learning, on the other hand, helps kids understand the ‘real-life’ importance of their course material by encouraging them to explore and solve real problems and layouts.

Pragna Material

Activity-based learning encourages kids to be creative in the way they express their knowledge and thinking. The activity-based learning method provides students with the opportunity to express what they have learnt through the act of doing as well as through the act of presenting verbally.

Many times sitting in the same place can cause fatigue amongst students. Changing the environment can do wonders. From time to time, try going to another classroom or even better, make them sit under the tree while taking a class. Being in harmony with nature can give you and the students a refreshing change.

Pragna Material has been put in place for Pragna Standard 1 and 2. Based on which the teacher can easily explain to the children.The Pragna Approach has been implemented in all the elementary schools of Gujarat. For the Pragna to educate the group based children, here is a PDF of the Pragna material on Pragna with regard to Pragna that you have downloaded.

Pragna Material

Encouraging students to be interactive in class is the best way to get them involved. Teacher expressing that he or she loves to hear doubts no matter how silly they are is a very motivating factor for a student to pay attention to the lessons. If the students are not interactive during the class, it is better to have a separate question and answer session to get everyone talking.

Pragna varg Study Material STD 1-2

Pragna Shabd Diary [N, M ,G, J] : click here

Pragna word Diary [juo ane ghunto] : click here

Pragna Worksheet [gujarati] : click here

Pragna Mulaxar Pravrutti file : click here

Pragna Material [Meaning paragraph] click here

Pragna Material [1 to 10 rang purani] : click here

Pragna Mega Material 2019-20

Pragna All In One Megha Material, Std-1 and 2 PDF Download

1 thi 10 na Ghadiya ni Sarvala Sathe Samaj

Sarvala Worksheet

Badbaki Worksheet

Dashak Ane Ekam ni Samaj

Sthan Kimat

1 thi 100 Sankhya Vistar

Pattern Worksheet

Aagal, Pachhal ane Vachche ni Sankhya

Dashak Ane Ekam

Dashak ane Ekam Pramane Sankhya no Vistar karo

Nani Moti Sankhya par O karo

ABL Workbook

Pragna Bal Geet

Bhar vina nu Bhantar – Nursery


Chitra parthi Vakyo

Deshbhakti Geet

Dhun Sangrah

Easy Draw -1

Easy Draw -2

Easy Draw -3

Easy Draw -4

Easy Draw -5

Ek Shabd mathi Anek Shabd

Ekam Mujab Sachitra Bal pothi

Falo na Chitro


Ganit Puzzle

Paxio na Chitro

Pragna Ekam Mujab Vakyo

Pragna Sahitya

Pranio na Chitro

Prarthana Sangrah

Pravruttio no Khajano

Samayik Kasoti na Gun Report Card Mateni Margdarshika

Std- 1, 2 Parinam Patrak (Excel File)

Dhoran-1 Homework Book

Tapka Jodi Chitro banavo

Vanchan – Lekhan Sahitya

Pragna Mujab Bal Geet ane Bal Varta

Abhinay Geeto

Abhilasha Geeto

Vanchan – Arth grahan Mate na Fakra

Chalak Malak Geeto

Ukhana Sangrah -1

Ukhana Sangrah -2

Rhutu Geeto

Ekam Mujab Geeto

Ganit -1

Ganit -2

Ganit -3

Ganit -4

Ganit -5

Ganit -6

Ganit -7

Ganit -8

Ganit Gammat

Geet Gunjan

Chalo Aadarsh Banie

Chitra gani Sankhya Sathe Jodo

Chitrakam -1

Chitrakam -2

Chitrakam -3

Chitra parthi Prashno na Javab Aapo

Dhingali Geeto

Paxi Geeto

Parivar Geeto

Prakruti Geeto

Pragna Sahitya

Prani Geeto

Pranio Ane tena Bachcha na Chitro

Prarthana Pothi

Bal Kalrav

Bal Geet – Bal Varta na Videos

Bal Geeto ni Fuldani

Balgeeto -1

Balmela Chitrakam

Bal varta Animation Videos

Varta Geet List

Bhajan , Dhun, Lokgeet Pothi



Dhoran-2 Mahavra Card

Ramat Gamat Geeto

Bhar Vinanu Bhantar Varta

Vahan Geeto

Vrux Geeto

Vyavsaykaro ne Janie

Shabdo Ane Vakyo

Shabdo – pdf

Shala Geeto

Sankhya : Ekam, Dashak, Sthan Kimat

Sankhya Jodo

12 ABL Workbook

13 ABL Workbook

14 ABL Workbook

15 ABL Workbook

16 ABL Workbook

17 ABL Workbook

18 ABL Workbook

19 ABL Workbook

Eka Ane Agiyara

Shaikshanik Videos

Download Pragna Sahity From SSA Website Official : Click Here



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