Service Book Entry Rules PDF – Download Most useful PDF For Teachers

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Service Book Entry Rules PDF : This book provides complete guidance on how to make a note in a service book and under what rules such a note is made. It will be very useful to the employees of each department. Definitely like studying once.

Service Book Entry Rules PDF

A Service Book must be opened for every Government servant on his first entry into
Government service, as to maintain a complete and authentic record of his/ her service
career. The Service Book should be maintained in duplicate and kept in the custody of the Head of the Office in which the Government servant is serving and transferred with him from office to office.

Service Book Entry Rules PDF

For the sake of reference, the original Service Book should be made use of and the duplicate copy should be kept up to‐date in reserve and taken out only
when it may be absolutely necessary to do so, such as for making entries corresponding
to those made in the original Serviced Book or in the event of loss or misplacement of
the original Service Book.

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Service Book Entry Rules PDF

It is the duty of the Head of the Office that all entries in the Service Book are promptly
made and duly attested by the authorized Attesting Officer. It is the duty of the
Government servant also to see that his Service Book is being properly maintained in
accordance with the rules. The Head of the Office should afford every facility to the
Government Servant to examine and satisfy about the correctness of the entries made
in his Service Book. In token of his scrutiny and acceptance of the entries made in the
Service Book the Government Servant should sign his name in the column provided and
his / her endorsed as evidence by the Attesting Officer.

No erasure or overwriting of an entry once made is allowed. In case of any entry
occurring incorrectly it should be scored with a red line and correct neat entry made
underneath it which should be duly attested (full sign and date). Bio data of Government servant, the entries regarding date of birth and domicile should be made in accordance with the relevant rules and orders of Government. All entries in this Part excepting finger prints should be renewed and re‐attested at least after every five years and the signatures of the Government servant and the Attesting Officer should be dated.

Service Book Entry Rules PDF

Personal certificates of character must not, unless the Head of the Department so
directs, be enter in the Service Book Annex­B. Every event in the Government servant’s official life must be recorded in Part‐III of the Service Book and each entry must be signed dated by the Government Servant as well as attested by the Head of the Officer or the duly authorized Attesting Officer. Every Period of suspension from employment and every other interruption of Service must with promptly noted full details of its duration in Part‐III of the Service Book and attested by the Authorized Attesting Officer.

Service Book Entry Rules PDF

If a Government servant is reduced in rank to a lower substantive post, the reason of
reduction must be briefly recorded under the relevant column in Part‐III. The Service Book should be taken up for verification soon after the close of the financial year and the Authorized Attesting Officer after satisfying himself should sign the verification certificate in Part‐ IV of the Service Book.

At the time of transfer of the Government servant from one office to another, the Head of the Office or the Attesting Officer under whom he/she was originally working should record the certificate of verification of his/her service in Part‐IV, for the whole period during which he/ she remained employed under him. After that the service book should be forwarded to the office where the Government servant is transferred.

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Service Book Entry Rules PDF

If the Government servant is transferred to Foreign Service, the Head of his Office or
department must send his Service Book to the Audit Officer concerned. The Audit
Officer will return it after noting under his signatures, the order sanctioning the transfer,
the effect of the transfer in regard to leave admissible during Foreign Service and any
other particulars which he may consider to be necessary.

On the Government servantstransfer to Government service, his service book must again be sent to the Audit Officerwho then notes in, it over his signatures, all the necessary particulars connected with the Foreign Service may be attested by any authority other than the Audit Officer.

Service Book Entry Rules PDF

Detailed instructions for filling in the various parts of the Service Book are given at the
beginning of each part. The entries regarding particulars of Government servant on page 4 of the service book should be renewed or re‐attested at least after every five years & the signature against item 11 & 12 should be dated.

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