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Gujarat Ni Nadiyo PDF In This article provides complete information about Gujarat ni nadio rivers. Apart from general knowledge, it will also be very helpful for you in preparing for every competitive exam in Gujarat. So let us know complete information about rivers of Gujarat in Gujarati language. There are a total of 185 rivers in Gujarat, big and small. Based on the geographical situation, the rivers of Gujarat are divided into the following 3 parts.

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Gujarat Ni Nadiyo PDF

Rivers of Gujarat
• 185 rivers drains Gujarat. This rivers are broadly divided in rivers of Kutchh, Saurashtra and Talgujarat.
• 97 rivers flows through Kutchh. 71 flows through Saurashtra and 17 flows through Talgujarat. Thus as per numbers Kutchh has the highest no of rivers. But as per water quantity, Talgujarat has the highest quantity. 4 rivers of Talgujarat, namely Narmada, Tapi, Mahi and Sabarmati contains 70% of total irrigation potential of Gujarat.

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• Narmada: This river is known as lifeline of Gujarat. It emerges from Mt Amarkantak in MP located in Maikala mountain range and flows westwards. It enters Gujarat from Hanfeshwar in Chhota Udaipur district. Total length is 1312km whereas length in Gujarat is 160km. It flows through tectonic or rift valley. Dhuvadhar, Kapildhara and Sahastradhara are most important waterfall on the river. It creates Aliyabet, which is the largest riverine island in Gujarat.

Gujarat Ni Nadiyo PDF

• Maheshwar dam in MP is the first private sector dam in India generating 500MW of electricity. Sardar Sarovar project in Narmada District is 1450MW of electricity. Six units of 200mw each in riverbed and five units of 50MW generating each in canal section.
Tributaries of Narmada
• Karjan is imp. Emerges from Rajpipla mountains. After flowing from Rajpipla n Nandod meets Narmada nr Rundh.

ગુજરાતની નદીઓ જિલ્લાવાર ગુજરાતી PDF ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

Gujarat Ni Nadiyo
• Orsang emerges from Chhota Udaipur district meets Narmada at Vyas. Unchh n Hiran are tributaries of Orsang.
• Besides Kaveri, Amravati n Bhukhi are imp tributaries of Narmada.
Sardar Sarovar Yojana
Jawaharlal Nehru laid foundation stone on 5 April 61. Original plan was for 163m. Narmada tribunal was created in 69. In 78 tribunal resolved water dispute. Construction commenced. World bank sanctioned loan of Rs 500 crore. WB constituted ‘Mors Committee’ after environment protest.. On committee recommendation WB withdrew the loan. Sardar Sarovar Nigam was created in 88. CM Chimanbhai Patel issued Narmada Bond. His Samadhi is known as Narmada Ghat. Gujarat enjoys 16 per cent share in electricity, water and expense distribution.

Gujarat Ni Nadiyo PDF

• TAPI river emerges from betul mountain in MP goes to MH and enters Gujarat from HARANFAL in Tapi district. Length of river is 752km. Out of this 224km in Gujarat. It flows from rift valley.
• BANAS river emerges from Sirnava mountain in Udaipur in dist. Shirohi and goes in L. Rann of Kutchh. Longest river of N. Gujarat. Sipu n Balaram are its tributaries. Dantivada dam is irrigation project.
• SARASWATI river emerges from Chori mountain in Danta taluka and meets L. Rann of Kutchh. Mukteshwar dam in BK district is irrigation project.
• SABARMATI: This river emerges from Dhebar lake near Vekariya in Rajasthan. It enters Gujarat passes from north & central Gujarat. 7 tributaries meet this river. Sabarmati, Meshwo, Mazam, Vatrak, Hathmati, Shedhi, Khari. Meshwo, Vatrak n Mazam emerges from Dungarpur in Rajasthan. Mazam meets Vatrak near Kapadvanj. Meshwo meets Vatrak in Samatra village in Mehmadabad. Hathmati emerges from Himmatnagar and meets Sabar nr Prantij from where it is known as Sabarmati. It meets Arabian sea near Vautha village in Ahmedabad district which is known as Kopali ni Khadi.

Gujarat Ni Nadiyo PDF

• Its total length is 421km and 321km in Gujarat. Longest river in Gujarat.It flows from SK, BK, Mehsana, Kheda, Ah, Gandhinagar, Anand district respectively. At Ukai (Kheralu taluq of Mehsana district) a dam is created which is providing irrigation facility.

ગુજરાતની નદીઓ જિલ્લાવાર ગુજરાતી PDF ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

Gujarat Ni Nadiyo
• MAHI: This river emerges from Anzera in MP. It emerges from Mehad lake. It goes to Vansvada district in Rajasthan and enters Gujarat. Anas, Panam, Misri & Galti are its important tributaries. It meets ocean at a place called Vaherakhadi. When it meets ocean its mouth is one km broad. So it is called Mahisagar. Total length is 500km, 180km in Gujarat. 2 projects are created on the river. In Kadana: Dist. Mahisagar, a dam is created from which irrigation and hydroelectricity is derived. Hydroelectricity potential is 240MW. Besides Kadana, a irrigation project is created at Vanakbori in Kheda district.
• Raskaviyar pariyojana is connected to R. Mahi as irrigation project through canal. Under Sujalam Sufalam yojana water of this river is transferred to ‘Pariej Pond’ which irrigates many areas.

Gujarat Ni Nadiyo PDF

• VISHWAMITRI emerges from Pavagadh n meets R. Dhadhar @ Pingalwad in T. Karjan after flowing from Vadodara.
• KIM emerges from Rajpipla mountain n meets Gulf of Khambhat.
• PURNA or Piyoshini arises from Pimpalner mountain n flows from Navsari.
• AMBIKA arises from D. Dang n Vansada mountains. R. Kaveri n R. Kharera are imp. Tributaries. R. Kaveri arises from Vansada n R Kharera arises from Dharampur. Both meets ambika nr Bilimora.

Gujarat Ni Nadiyo PDF

• AURANGA arises from Dharampur. Valsad city is developed on its bank.
• KOLAK arises from Saputara n meets Arabian Sea. Udwada is located on its bank. Kalu fish is found in this river.
• DAMAN GANGA arises from W. Ghats n meets Arabian sea. It is known as Pinkish Red due to pollution

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